Winding Down

I have 14 more days in Haiti. As our time and schedules are winding down, I have started to reflect on what I have learned in Haiti. I have been here for exactly one month and this week I began to feel more comfortable with my presence here. Being a white woman in Haiti brings… more →

Practicing Patience

I am a religious planner when I’m in the States, keeping a meticulous to-do list complete with exact times of meetings, classes, and work schedules. I like to know when things are going to happen so I can prepare accordingly. Coming to Haiti, I knew this was something I would have to give up, letting… more →

The Interview

Today I was translating one of the transcribed interviews, done by Sadrack—our team’s friend and employee of CFFL—and was struck by a response given to a fairly straight-forward question. I assume that there was a slight mistranslation between the question posed and the question that was understood, as the question we asked was “what challenges… more →

The Estime Empire

What is the “story” of Haiti? In part, this is the story I have come to hear, to look for, and to learn from. I have written about my own “stories”, as they shape my reality, but there are bigger stories too, that whole cultures and nations tell themselves. One of these is the official… more →

Reflecting on Petite Montagne

Last Monday Kate, Evans, Islande, Monclair, Sammi, Levi and I hiked to Petite Montagne to visit 50 families involved in the Family Security Program. We had originally planned on spending four days and three nights there, but ended up returning a day early because we finished our work faster than expected. It was an extremely… more →

A Different Breed

Since coming to Haiti I’ve been fascinated by the relationships that Haitians have with animals. I was raised, like many people in the United States, to think of the animals that I live with as friends, with feelings and desires just like me. This idea is so ingrained in me that I apply it not just… more →


Upon descending Bois Jolie in the spring of last year, I was overcome by the need to return to Haiti and continue forming relationships with the communities we visited during our too-short ten day visit to the country. I was inspired by the community on this mountain and their excitement to show us their farms… more →

Children of Haiti

Most of my favorite people that I meet in Haiti are children. One night during the first week that we were here, our group went to a shop owned by a man named Mikenson. Chris became friends with Mikenson last summer so we were welcomed with open arms. This shop serves drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic),… more →

Petite Montagne

We have returned from Petite Montagne after three days and two nights spent collectively visiting fifty families and conducting three in-depth interviews. While we have encountered hard hikes before, Petite Montagne stands out from the others in length and steepness not only on the way in to where we were staying, but also on the… more →

Seeking Shelter

As I was sitting down on the porch of our house in Mirebalais to write this blog, the afternoon rains slowly began to creep in. Dark clouds loomed off in the distance and were soon above us. It began raining in the mountains first, and a thick carpet of water made its way towards the… more →