Forming Friendships

  It’s been about four weeks since we’ve arrived and started working on our internships and so far everything has been running very smoothly. Our work has involved a good deal of walking in the hot and humid weather, and my legs are sore, but meeting with the families has made each hike well worth… more →

Our Bois Jolie Premier

Our first day in Bois Jolie was a success. The hike up was tiring but the weather was amazing. It was not too sunny and there was a wonderful breeze through out the whole morning and early afternoon. Once we got past the dreaded part 1 of the hike (the hardest and steepest part) the… more →

Trailblazing on the Central Plateau

Our work as PSF interns allows us to with families in the program and visit new communities in the Central Plateau. As Chris put it, we are doing a little trailblazing as Sewanee students. This summer, we are venturing to six communities—five of which Sewanee teams have never visited, and we are very excited to… more →

First Check-In

It has been almost 3 weeks since the Family Security Program (PSF) interns, I as one of them, landed in Haiti. In that time, our group of three has made big steps; first in the way of accomplishing what we set out to do, and second in the way of adjusting to our work and… more →

Running the Street

In an attempt to somewhat keep in shape for cross country season in the fall, I have ventured out to do a little running on the street near our house. The first thing to note when thinking about an American girl running on the Central Plateau is that this is not a tourist area, so… more →

Emerging from the Sewanee Fog

Reflecting on the events of the first week back in Haiti, several things have occurred to me, on which I wish to focus throughout the next few blog posts. I found the metaphor in the title to be perfectly fitting for this week, which was an acclimation full of surprisingly disorienting and difficult situations. The… more →

From Port Au Prince to Mirebalais

  Something in particular that stuck out to me on my first car ride from Port Au Prince to Mirebalais was the change of scenery in a relatively short amount of time. After leaving the airport, I immediately noticed how congested the streets were with people, cars, motorcycles, litter, and livestock. Unfinished structures and walls… more →

A Visit to a National Prison

We woke up Sunday morning expecting a slow day with nothing to do but read, nap, play cards, and enjoy each other’s company, but we went to bed exhausted and more informed on Haiti’s prison system. It was Mother’s Day in Haiti, and a few of us agreed to go to one of two national… more →