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Used for all rolling notes and logs pertaining to a trip


Ben McKenzie and Pierre Wakenfort  assessing photosynthesis rates, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015. Zanmi Kafe interns Ben McKenzie and Pierre Wakenfort practice using the Licor 6400 to measure photosynthesis in a farmer’s field of corn and beans.  These sun-loving annual plants capture carbon at a rate of 20 umol/m2/sec in full sun!  The sophisticated 40-lb instrument… more →

Camera Magic

  Children playing in the evening, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] I used to think that there is magic in a camera. It took what I saw and reproduced it exactly. As I got older I learned the how of the camera and was shown it was not magic, but science. Thus… more →


Hunter Swenson, coconut and Mansell Ambrose. Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015

Hunter Swenson, coconut and Mansell Ambrose. Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015 [photo: Pradip Malde] Mansell photographs a freshly picked coconut served by Leonel Jeremie, one of our Zanmi Foto partners in the Bois Jolie area. Scattered around Hunter are the flowers of another type of palm tree loved by bees. Leonel also tends several hives.

A Trip to the Orphanage

It has been an incredible trip to Haiti. The past few days have been full of laughter, rapport and deep meaningful conversations within our group of students and faculty, as well as the people we have met and are working with here in Cange. However, my experience have gone beyond conversation and photography. As Sewanee students, we have been… more →

The Rhythm of Morne Michelle

Farmers of Morne Michelle planting seeds for a nursery which may be modeled on the Zanmi Kafe Project. Morne Michelle, Haiti. May 27, 2015 [Photo: Hunter Swenson] Today we (Geanina Fripp, Hunter Swenson, Peter Davis, and Scott Summers, and myself) experienced a new aspect of Haitian community life. A group of Zanmi Kafe and Zanmi… more →

Getting it Right

  [all photos in the slide show: Allen Pearce] It would be easy to assume that the younger generation is headed in the wrong direction. We are inundated with images of young people looking into the void of their cell phones and incessantly checking for updates and ‘likes’ on social media. Their constant need for… more →

Goats Are Everywhere

During my many hikes in Haiti, I was often amazed by the drastic contrast between the landscapes in the Central Plateau of Haiti and the Cumberland Plateau of America. There was one thing that always reminded me that these two places still have some similarities- the goats. During the Summer of 2014, I was fortunate… more →


While in Haiti I remember wondering every day how a place so impoverished could be on the same planet, surrounded by travel destinations, and just a two-hour plane ride from the USA. Most will be born there, live there and die there, never knowing anything else. Yet despite it all, they were happier than most… more →

Week Four in Haiti

This week we will be wrapping up our fourth week in Haiti. It has been a very productive week for the biodiversity study as all trees have now been distributed. We started out the week with a trip to Bois Jolie to conduct a biodiversity study to understand the health of these farms. These studies… more →

Zanmi Foto in Blanchard

This last week, I accompanied students from CFFL, Zanmi Lasante’s partner school, to a small town on the edge of Lake Peligre called Blanchard. It was our second visit; the first was an effort to gauge interest among the Zanmi Kafe farmers in participating in Zanmi Foto.We returned to provide cameras and training to the… more →