Monthly Archives: May 2013

Rainy Season News

We arrived at Bois Jolie to find these cute little guys so newly sprouted that they were still holding on to their seed coats.

On Tuesday Dr. McGrath, Sega, Ford, Linnea and I arrived in Cange once again excited to check in on how things have progressed in Bois Jolie since our last visit. I had been back to Bois Jolie once since our big trip over spring break, but it was still to early for the coffee seedlings… more →

Spring Break: Enket

Parcels of Participant families are shown in green, the portion of their land that they indicated they would like to dedicate to growing coffee is shown in yellow.

The final major component of our spring break trip was the interviews we conducted with Haitian families. These interview involved collecting baseline socioeconomic and environmental data, basic family information that will be required to register families to sell carbon offsets, information on current land use and coffee and tree planting preferences. We also created geo-referenced… more →

Spring Break: Nursery Construction

we flattened the nursery area by building a terrace wall and moving earth around with any available "tool."

As a part of spring break, we worked together with Haitian families to construct a coffee nursery. The coffee will grow in the nursery for about two years. During those two years, we will focus on planting fruit trees and other trees that farmers prefer to create an over-story to provide shade for the coffee… more →