Monthly Archives: June 2014

Lafontant Archive Project

While in Haiti, I have the exciting opportunity to learn about the history of the Central Plateau, focusing on Cange and the surrounding area. I’m doing this with the help of Père Lafontant, an Episcopal Priest who has dedicated much of his life to serving the area. He has seen incredible changes here over the… more →

Week Four in Haiti

This week we will be wrapping up our fourth week in Haiti. It has been a very productive week for the biodiversity study as all trees have now been distributed. We started out the week with a trip to Bois Jolie to conduct a biodiversity study to understand the health of these farms. These studies… more →

Zanmi Foto in Blanchard

This last week, I accompanied students from CFFL, Zanmi Lasante’s partner school, to a small town on the edge of Lake Peligre called Blanchard. It was our second visit; the first was an effort to gauge interest among the Zanmi Kafe farmers in participating in Zanmi Foto.We returned to provide cameras and training to the… more →

Biodiversity Lesson with CFFL Students

Yesterday, the whole crew went over to CFFL, Zanmi Lasante’s partner school, to meet with the four students who are working with us for our biodiversity study. From the kid who desperately wants to learn the native language, but is learning frustratingly slow, it went much better than I was expecting. Through a strange (but… more →