Jean Nelson examining his coffee berries, Bois Jolie, Haiti, March, 2016. Micharie running errands at dusk, while berries ripen on her mother’s coffee bushes (Mita Simone), Bois Jolie, Haiti, 6:30 PM, March 14, 2016.


The Fabled Li-Cor [photo: Mansell Ambrose] Exposure to new ideas and disciplines has been one of the profound joys of this internship. Not only have I had the opportunity to be immersed in a completely different culture and language, but I have been challenged in my own intellectual viewpoints. Coming into college I embodied the indecision… more →


As the sun rises between the misty mountains, the rooster crows informing the town that it is time to awaken. Shortly after, you can hear the “swish, swish” of the broom sweeping the pavement. Before the sun has fully risen, the streets and markets are bustling with people and conversations. Mornings are my favorite time… more →


Effaizien Sorting Out Ants. Bois Jolie. 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] Scott Summer Holding Ant Collection Tubes. Bois Jolie, 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] In 1788 Haiti was responsible for half the worlds coffee supply. Yesterday at Bois Jolie, I spent the morning with the biodiversity team, one part of the Zamni Kafe team. It was extremely… more →

Present vs Future

Mirebalais market thoroughfare, Haiti, June 2015 [photo: Mansell Ambrose] As a foreigner it seems wherever you go in Haiti there is always someone who will ask you either for money or food. The questions come in all shapes and sizes; whether it be a woman running after you in the city-street, an old man in… more →

Spotted in Stores: Haitian Coffee

La Colombe Workshop HAITI: MARE BLANCE Coffee While perusing the selection of coffee offered at a Whole Foods in Washington, D.C., I stumbled upon a bag of single origin coffee from Mare Blanche, Haiti: Roasted by La Colombe, the coffee is for sale in stores as well as online. The description online reads: The United… more →