Haiti Flag Day!

  It is Haiti Flag Day today!Bonjou tout moun . HAITI Pou Ayiti peyi Zansèt yo Se pou n mache men nan lamen Nan mitan n pa fèt pou gen trèt Nou fèt pou n sèl mèt tèt nou An nou mache men nan lamen Pou Ayiti ka vin pi bèl An nou, an nou,… more →

Kenbe Design project

Kenbe Design is an interesting program about community development through building and design projects: “We believe design and construction are vital for progress.  By integrating a collaborative building process with we have created jobs, improved local economies, developed trades and reduce dependence on foreign aid.  Since 2011 Kenbe has worked in partnership with communities and organizations to… more →


Ruth with her nephew, Wenshel Saintillus. Bois Jolie, Haiti. June, 2015. Amidst all the hooha about the Red Cross inefficiently spending millions in Haiti, there is a perennial, widespread, attitude  that troubles me. It goes something like this: Haiti is a troubled nation, and its people cannot articulate their needs or are capable of pulling… more →

Getting it Right

  [all photos in the slide show: Allen Pearce] It would be easy to assume that the younger generation is headed in the wrong direction. We are inundated with images of young people looking into the void of their cell phones and incessantly checking for updates and ‘likes’ on social media. Their constant need for… more →