Coming to a Close

As our last week in Haiti approaches, everyone is beginning to wrap up their projects and research. Earlier this week, the PSF team took our last hike, conducted our last interview, and said our goodbyes to our Haitian coworkers. It’s a strange feeling knowing that we will not be going out to collect data and… more →

The Interview

Today I was translating one of the transcribed interviews, done by Sadrack—our team’s friend and employee of CFFL—and was struck by a response given to a fairly straight-forward question. I assume that there was a slight mistranslation between the question posed and the question that was understood, as the question we asked was “what challenges… more →

Reflecting on Petite Montagne

Last Monday Kate, Evans, Islande, Monclair, Sammi, Levi and I hiked to Petite Montagne to visit 50 families involved in the Family Security Program. We had originally planned on spending four days and three nights there, but ended up returning a day early because we finished our work faster than expected. It was an extremely… more →

Petite Montagne

We have returned from Petite Montagne after three days and two nights spent collectively visiting fifty families and conducting three in-depth interviews. While we have encountered hard hikes before, Petite Montagne stands out from the others in length and steepness not only on the way in to where we were staying, but also on the… more →

Forming Friendships

  It’s been about four weeks since we’ve arrived and started working on our internships and so far everything has been running very smoothly. Our work has involved a good deal of walking in the hot and humid weather, and my legs are sore, but meeting with the families has made each hike well worth… more →

Trailblazing on the Central Plateau

Our work as PSF interns allows us to with families in the program and visit new communities in the Central Plateau. As Chris put it, we are doing a little trailblazing as Sewanee students. This summer, we are venturing to six communities—five of which Sewanee teams have never visited, and we are very excited to… more →

First Check-In

It has been almost 3 weeks since the Family Security Program (PSF) interns, I as one of them, landed in Haiti. In that time, our group of three has made big steps; first in the way of accomplishing what we set out to do, and second in the way of adjusting to our work and… more →