Zanmi Foto


Upon descending Bois Jolie in the spring of last year, I was overcome by the need to return to Haiti and continue forming relationships with the communities we visited during our too-short ten day visit to the country. I was inspired by the community on this mountain and their excitement to show us their farms… more →


Celiana Charles, Madame Josephine Exana’s daughter, being taught how to use a camera for Zanmi Foto by Thony Fontaine. Bois Jolie, April 5, 2016. [photo: Monclair Joseph] This is Celiana, being trained for the Zanmi Foto project. She is the newest addition to the team. And special too – it was her mother, Madame Exana,… more →

Zanmi Foto Replicates in Tennessee

A little over two years ago, Pradip Malde, Brooke Irving, and myself, Chandler Sowden, made our “trial run” trip to Cange, back before Zanmi Foto, before any module was developed, and before we knew much more than what we were hoping and dreaming for out of a community-based photo project. A year later, with additional help… more →

Madame Josephine Exana

We are all deeply saddened by the news of Madame Exana having passed away on July 29, 2015. She was a very dear friend, and a founding partner of the Zanmi Kafe and Zanmi Foto projects. She will be missed, and always remembered. This is one of the last photographs I took of Madame Exana, as… more →


Everyone has a job, from getting the water in the morning to maintaining a healthy farm. As you get older you become responsible for larger tasks. Duties are handed down from older generations to younger ones. Children learn to help with household chores from a very young age by watching their parents or older siblings.… more →

What’s for dinner?

At home, everyone is always talking about how to make meals faster and easier while at the same time cheaper and healthier. It is funny to me that everyone is trying to get what they don’t have but are not willing to give up the benefits they currently maintain. In Haiti, meals often take a… more →


Evening. At the Zanmi Lasante Orphanage. Cange, Haiti. May, 2015 photo: Pradip Malde

Evening. At the Zanmi Lasante Orphanage. Cange, Haiti. May, 2015 [photo: Pradip Malde] Today we, Zamni Foto and Zamni Kafe teams, returned from our weekly overnight in Bois Jolie, Haiti. It was a very good trip. It was good because both groups completed a large amount of work. However, what I found more interesting happened… more →