Dr. Deborah McGrath- Sewanee TED X talk

Moving Mountains Session #4
Tuesday, March 16 at 6 p.m.

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Deborah McGrath, Ph.D.
Carbon is the New Cash Crop

Sequestering carbon in trees and soil is an effective tool in the global fight against climate change, yet farmers face obstacles to entering the carbon market. Based on nearly a decade of work in Haiti, Deborah McGrath discusses how colleges like Sewanee can participate in a win-win strategy for climate justice by investing in small farmers to reduce our carbon footprints.

About Deborah McGrath: An ecologist and professor of biology, Deborah McGrath loves trees. Her research focuses on managing biogeochemical cycles in wetland and forested ecosystems to address environmental challenges in human-dominated landscapes. Dr. McGrath is the Carl Biehl Professor of International Studies and serves as Assistant Dean for the Environment at the University of the South. Since her days as a Peace Corps volunteer, McGrath has worked with farmers in the global South to integrate trees into farming strategies that maximize the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. She is grateful for longtime Sewanee Haiti Institute collaborators Pradip Malde, Photographer and Professor of Art, and Dixon Myers, Director of Outreach in the Office of Civic Engagement. Dr. McGrath considers working with farmers and students to be among the biggest privileges of her career because of their enormous potential to protect and restore our environment. 

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