Sewanee partners with the Family Security Program (PSF) in Haiti

The Family Security Program, or Pwogwam Sekurite Familial (PSF), works with families in six communities around the central plateau of Haiti. This program began to cure malnutrition in kids by providing them with Nourimanba–peanut butter packed with vitamins and energy for children to regain health. PSF now works to prevent malnutrition in the participating families by providing farming tools, seeds, a pair of both goats and chickens, trees, and scholarships to send children to school.

Decorations found at the house of Michelet Bosquet, a PSF family partner. Photo by Evans Ousley.

PSF is funded in part by The Kellogg Foundation to support the efforts in creating stable homes and communities that promote healthier lifestyles. Sewanee interns, Kate Perry, Virginia Klemens, and Evans Ousley, are working alongside Haitians to build relationships with the families in the program. They will be working for six weeks to survey and interview families on their lives and the effect PSF has had on their life. This data will be included in a report given to The Kellogg Foundation along with detailed photos of the communities and homes of the families, audio and video recordings of the interviews, and observations made by the Sewanee interns. Not only will the interns be providing PSF and The Kellogg Foundation with data needed to continue and improve the program, but they will be creating bonds and relationships with their Haitian partners and PSF families and understanding better the culture and history of the area.

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