The Calm Before the Storm, we begin the new data retrieval tomorrow.

The Calm Before the Storm

Preparation is finally over. The last week and a half has been full of work putting in data collected over the last couple of months by Haitian Zamni cafe workers, fun exploring new places, and relationship building in Mourn Michel and Bois Joli with the farmers there. The last 4 days have been stuck in a mild limbo of planning, Dr.McGrath leaving, and Haitian flag day so we haven’t taken any trips up to either Mourn Michel or Bois Joli, creating a sort of calm before the storm sort of atmosphere around our basecamp here at Calusa. As a whole our group of sewanee interns came here to work and do some good. There is an understanding that we couldn’t start taking data right away, as we need the help the farmers, and for them to assist us we need a relationship with them and we need to show them why the data we are taking is important and will help their farms in the long run. This has all been well and good, but we are ready to start the new material. As a group the Sewanee interns have been reflecting every night about what is going through our heads as well as what we are looking forward to. Monday hiking up to Bois Joli to take carbon payments and then after up to Mourn Michel to take coffee surveys has been brought up every reflection and we are ready to set out on what we came here to do.

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