Completing the Supply Chain- Singing Rooster Coffee

Zanmi Kafe is the name given to the relationship that was forged between various participants from the University of the South and the forty-farmer co-operative in Bois Joli, Haiti. The association began with this group of farmers, through the Haitian organization, Zanmi Agrikol and its educational affiliate CFFL, the Center for Formation Fritz Lafontant, seven years ago and continues to be a vibrant partnership. The purpose of the program is to advance the sustainable agro-forestry practices of these farmers.

Coffee has been the target crop since its inception and what is being realized at this point is the near completion of the economic supply chain. Zanmi Kafe is negotiating the sale of the coffee cherries, the raw material, to Singing Rooster Coffee Co. located in Port-Au-Prince, the nations capital. They are a fair-trade company whose sole purpose is to sell Haitian coffee and other indigenous products to U.S. markets.

Singing Rooster sends the coffee bean to be roasted in Wisconsin and then the product is shipped to destinations in the U.S. McClurg Dinning Hall chef Rick Wright and Amber Smith from Stirling’s Coffee House have agreed to buy Singing Rooster Coffee and begin promoting the product. Therefore, the first crop of cherries from Zanmi Kafe,’ this harvesting season, will be a part of Singing Rooster’s aggregation.

This would complete the supply chain that involves a host of entities in Sewanee and Haiti:

The University Green Fee

Haiti Spring Break Outreach Groups from the Office of Civic Engagement

The Departments of Biology & Fine Arts

Student researchers funded through the Office of Career and Leadership Development

Funding organizations such as the Monteagle/ Sewanee Rotary Club

Stirlings Coffee House

McClurg Dinning Hall

Zanmi Agrikol and CFFL

Zanmi Lasante

We are hoping to have a fund raising event in late summer or fall to bring attention to this long awaited production completion.

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