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Practicing Patience

I am a religious planner when I’m in the States, keeping a meticulous to-do list complete with exact times of meetings, classes, and work schedules. I like to know when things are going to happen so I can prepare accordingly. Coming to Haiti, I knew this was something I would have to give up, letting… more →


Upon descending Bois Jolie in the spring of last year, I was overcome by the need to return to Haiti and continue forming relationships with the communities we visited during our too-short ten day visit to the country. I was inspired by the community on this mountain and their excitement to show us their farms… more →

Trailblazing on the Central Plateau

Our work as PSF interns allows us to with families in the program and visit new communities in the Central Plateau. As Chris put it, we are doing a little trailblazing as Sewanee students. This summer, we are venturing to six communities—five of which Sewanee teams have never visited, and we are very excited to… more →

Running the Street

In an attempt to somewhat keep in shape for cross country season in the fall, I have ventured out to do a little running on the street near our house. The first thing to note when thinking about an American girl running on the Central Plateau is that this is not a tourist area, so… more →

A Visit to a National Prison

We woke up Sunday morning expecting a slow day with nothing to do but read, nap, play cards, and enjoy each other’s company, but we went to bed exhausted and more informed on Haiti’s prison system. It was Mother’s Day in Haiti, and a few of us agreed to go to one of two national… more →