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The Fabled Li-Cor [photo: Mansell Ambrose] Exposure to new ideas and disciplines has been one of the profound joys of this internship. Not only have I had the opportunity to be immersed in a completely different culture and language, but I have been challenged in my own intellectual viewpoints. Coming into college I embodied the indecision… more →

Present vs Future

Mirebalais market thoroughfare, Haiti, June 2015 [photo: Mansell Ambrose] As a foreigner it seems wherever you go in Haiti there is always someone who will ask you either for money or food. The questions come in all shapes and sizes; whether it be a woman running after you in the city-street, an old man in… more →


Watson listening to music on his cellphone. Dusk. Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015. [photo: Pradip Malde] When one is inundated in an alien situation it seems that the mind attempts to categorize the situation in terms of similarities and dissimilarities, the good and the bad, what is acceptable and what is not, etc. In my experience… more →