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Building Relationships

We have mentioned the word blan in some of our past blog posts, so I thought I’d expound on this a little bit today. Blan is the Haitian Creole word for “white”. When I arrived in Haiti for the first time just over a year ago, I was unnerved by everyone stopping and fixating their… more →

Heading Down the Mountain

The last few days have been incredibly eventful. As per usual, we went to Bois Jolie to continue our study on Friday and spent that night at the local school. If I thought we were working efficiently last week, this week’s operation blew that out of the water. We all (Sewanee and CFFL students) went… more →

Go Fish

We returned from our second overnight excursion to Bois Jolie yesterday, which went much better than the previous week’s work. Our first run last week didn’t go badly, but field work always needs tweaking. A clean-cut methodology written in advance rarely works out the way you expect. With a few modifications to our methods, mainly… more →

Biodiversity Lesson with CFFL Students

Yesterday, the whole crew went over to CFFL, Zanmi Lasante’s partner school, to meet with the four students who are working with us for our biodiversity study. From the kid who desperately wants to learn the native language, but is learning frustratingly slow, it went much better than I was expecting. Through a strange (but… more →