Beauty in the eye of the Beholder.


Beauty is something that I’ve always found alone in the outdoors. Locally where I live and back at school in Sewanee a place alone in nature is easy to find and fairly common. Back home a waterfall in a ravine was a place a could be alone and meditate for hours at a time. In Sewanee I take hour long walks both in the woods during the day and around my beautiful central campus in the early hours of the morning. Here in Haiti solitude outdoors is an experience I have yet to have, yet beauty is something that is appearing for me all over the place. The first glimpses of beauty I found in Haiti was Bois Joli and Mourn Mitchell. During both the hikes up and down the mountains the little tired moments stopped when hiking that our American group needed to preserve our little stamina, viewing the rolling mountains and forest took my breath away in a way that few views have. The most beautiful thing I have seen so far here in Haiti is the view of the Lake next to Kange that we can see from our view from the School we are staying at in Mourn Mitchell is distractingly gorgeous. Swarmed by the tiny students that regularly attend classes, normally being around so many people would make me focus on reality on hand, but the view up in Mourn Mitchell held my gaze no matter the chaos.

Today our motley crow drove down to visit Port-Au-Prince again, the first time I went though this city I was stuck with the chaos with it rather than its beauty, and the more times I get to drive around in Port-Au-Prince the more the madness dissipates (as a disclaimer the madness with never leave I believe) and the beauty of the mish-mash of cultures becomes more apparent. Over my time in Haiti I think (and hope) that the many things that originally brought chaos and confusion to my eyes will reveal their beauty to me.

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