Coming to a Close

As our last week in Haiti approaches, everyone is beginning to wrap up their projects and research. Earlier this week, the PSF team took our last hike, conducted our last interview, and said our goodbyes to our Haitian coworkers. It’s a strange feeling knowing that we will not be going out to collect data and visit families, as it had become a regular part of our week. I had gotten into the routine of waking up early, eating a larger breakfast, packing sandwiches, and double checking my water bottles to make sure I had enough water for a potentially long day of hiking. Prior to this week, we had at three days of hiking scheduled a week, but now we will be working at CFFL for the rest of our time processing data and organizing photographs. I will miss adventurous car rides and hiking in the mountains with our two Haitian teams and guides, but I’m equally looking forward to returning home and sharing my experiences.

Mirabeau hiking down from Morne Michele during our last large hike of our trip.

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