Day 1


Mirabeau Sainville, Agronomy student at CFFL, discussion the Zanmi Foto project [photo: Pradip Malde]

We have completed our first day here at Centre Formacion Fritz Lafontant (CFFL) where we met our four students and introduced them to the Zanmi Foto project. Three of the students are studying agriculture and the fourth is studying woodworking. All four are in their third and final year of school. Due to the heat we met the students in the outdoor classroom pavilion. Nine of us sat in a circle and laid out our expectations and questions surrounding the project. The nature of Zanmi Foto for the next year will be to generate a pool of soft data compiled of photographs, notes, and narratives of both the CFFL students and their community partners. The community partners are to be selected from the 80 families currently participating in the Zanmi Kafe project in both Bois Jolie and Blanchard. Each of the eight families will have a camera with which they will document their everyday lives. The CFFL students will then collect the images from the families, compile and sort the data, in order to build a soft database. The goal is to eventually have a large enough pool stretching over many years so that individuals within communities can look to see the changes in conversations and everyday lives over the years. The students responded to our proposal with wonderful questions with regard to the interactions between themselves and the families of Bois Jolie and Blanchard. We look forward to tomorrow as we gave out cameras tonight and asked the group to begin photographing! p,b,c &c

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