From Port Au Prince to Mirebalais


A view from the car on Highway 3

Something in particular that stuck out to me on my first car ride from Port Au Prince to Mirebalais was the change of scenery in a relatively short amount of time. After leaving the airport, I immediately noticed how congested the streets were with people, cars, motorcycles, litter, and livestock. Unfinished structures and walls covered with colorful advertisements initially captured my attention until I looked up at and saw colossal mountains in the distance. The mountains looked significantly underdeveloped compared to the crowded streets of the city we were driving through. The juxtaposition of these two elements was almost surreal. The vast differences between city life and rural life in Haiti became clearer as we proceeded up the mountain. We began to see an increase in mules, horses, and donkeys carrying both people and goods on their backs. Merchants in Port Au Prince seemed to sell more knick-knacks while those farther away from the city sold fresh produce, especially mangos. Cacti fences surrounded properties instead of high walls and barbed wire. I found these slight changes to be very interesting, and I’m looking forward to future experiences and adventures in Haiti.

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