Endearments to the Zanmi Team

Last hike to Bois Jolie with the Zanmi Kafe and Foto Team. Photo by Joseph Simevoire.

As I look up at the star filled sky, it continues to get harder for me to say goodbye to this place

Friendships, the bond they have all given me with such grace.

I have felt like my best self here

Thank you, team, for being supportive so I could surmount my fears.

You all hold a great place in my heart

Admirable, I have learned from each individual from the start.

From Bois Jolie to Mourne Michel I have had the chance to appreciate their resilience

Respect, I have for them to travel miles from home and work with diligence.

Being here has reminded me of my own qualities I want to display more

Compassion, how attentive they are to our well-being, I feel protected to my core.

Relationships flourishing at quick rates with collaboration and conversation

Community Engagement, with the farmers sipping coffee, building terraces, conservation.

Now to say goodbye, my heart aches that time has flown by

Love, this undeniable connection with tenderness and care will put me back in the sky.

With tears of joy, I am grateful that our paths crossed to contribute to a project worthwhile

Impact, long lasting on my life, tribulations are temporary so face them with a smile.

Dedicated to learn the language to communicate

Hope, to speak the language and be reunited with the Zanmi Family soon than late.


Bois Jolie farmers gathered for a meeting and to wish us far well.

This is to show the comfortability Ephesian, one of the agronomist, and I have established with one another. We are able to be silly together.


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