First Check-In

It has been almost 3 weeks since the Family Security Program (PSF) interns, I as one of them, landed in Haiti. In that time, our group of three has made big steps; first in the way of accomplishing what we set out to do, and second in the way of adjusting to our work and life in Haiti.
Most of our internship so far has been home visits to now five different zones of the Central Plateau (with one more to come). Within each zone, we have visited fifteen participating families each and started to document their homes, families, and ways of life through pictures, notes, and simple observations. The hikes out to the homes have varied in distance but have been consistent in the beauty surrounding us along our way. Not only in the landscape surrounding us—which has been breathtaking—but in the open welcomes we have received from the PSF families, in watching our teams’ obvious relationships with these families and in our attempts to forge our own within the PSF teams and slowly within the communities we will be revisiting soon.
There have been obstacles encountered as well, and our team is still working on smoothing out the bumps we have discovered along the way. This being said, I can only look forward with excitement and hope for what we are to experience ahead.

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