Humid Greetings

My plane landed in the late afternoon heat in Haiti, and as I walked off the plane on to the tarmac, the warm, wet Haitian air rushed up to greet me. The following evening and day have been full of greetings with friends I have not seen in a year. The first face was of Madam Carline, our host at the home we stay in. She is, without a doubt, one of the most important people at work during our stay. She ensures that the house is clean, our laundry is done, and most importantly, that we eat enough food. While her work may seem trivial, without her kindness, thoroughness, and love, we would not be able to engage as fully with our own work. Not to mention, as I make sure to tell her often, she is one of the best cooks on the whole island.


The next morning, we drove over to CFFL, where I was happy to see Jean Francique and Ephesian, two of the agronomists who work alongside us in Bois Jolie and Morne Michele. Francique and I are particularly close, as we sweated together over a tedious and difficult survey of canopy, crops, and soil last summer.

Francique and myself at CFFL

We spent the morning going over our ideas for this summer’s surveys, and putting them together with the help of the agronomists. While we had rough drafts and outlines of what we wanted to do, without their help, we surely would have been lost.

I was grateful to see that they were excited and interested in the best practices survey, and with their help we made a proper translation of the survey and made some edits per their knowledge of farming culture and the communities. All in all, I think everyone was excited to be together again, and ready to get to work.

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