In Haiti!

Looking out over the mountains of the central plateau from our home base in Zanmi Lasante, Cange, Haiti.

After a long day of travel Daniel and I arrived in Cange Sunday evening. It is cooler and more lush than when I came in the spring, which was during the tail end  of the dry season. I find myself woken each morning by strange bird called and the growing murmurs of voices coming from the outpatient clinic just below me. By the time I was awake and out on the while tile porch overlooking the mountains chickens goats, and honking horns have joined the morning chorus, and I am very much looking forward to some Haitian coffee, which is delicious, and a breakfast of toast with spicy peanut-butter.

Not a bad place to be battling some GIS.

At 6:00am, there is already a line of people waiting to be seen at the outpatient clinic located directly below the porch in the previous photos.

In addition to being very happy to be back, I feel that a lot of progress towards our project has already been made. As soon as I sat down to dinner Sunday night Reginald, a graduate of Earth University who is the director agricultural programs at ZA’s new vocational school CFFL, joined me and began discussing with me the goals of this trip and what is needed to move forward in establishing a Payment for Ecosystem Service Project. Our next step towards this goal is writing and submitting a “Project Idea Note” to Plan Vivo, the organization we hope will certify our ecosystem services project, creating salable Plan Vivo credits. In order to do this I need to gather information about the area, the farmers in the Family Asssistance Program, and the capacity of Zanmi Agrikol to carry out the proposed project activities. It appears that all of this information will be easier to obtain than I had expected. Yesterday, Daniel and I went to CFFL to map the different agricultural programs at CFFL at Reginald’s request. Among other things they are growing peanuts to make a high protein food called Nourimamba used to treat malnutrition, and have a new solar powered irrigation system.

Daniel, Jean Phillipe (ZA agronomist for the Morne Michelle region) and I map the various agricultural activities at the new Centre de Formation Fritz LaFontant. Jean Phillipe is the agronomist who accompanied me and will on our trek up to Morne Michelle last spring (see ZA zones map from previous post).

Tomorrow Daniel, Sammy (a ZA agronomist), a couple of donkeys and I will leave Cange for three days to map the last remaining section of the Family Assistance Program. The rest of the evening will be spent hydrating, charging batteries, and preparing!

More on friday!


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