Everyone has a job, from getting the water in the morning to maintaining a healthy farm. As you get older you become responsible for larger tasks. Duties are handed down from older generations to younger ones. Children learn to help with household chores from a very young age by watching their parents or older siblings. As soon as they are capable, they begin to pick up these duties and make them a part of their daily routine.


Loving sisters. [photo: Mansell Ambrose]

One role I have really enjoyed watching is the way that older siblings care for their younger brothers and sisters.Their job becomes teaching their siblings how to be self sufficient. From carrying them on their hip to instructing them how to get a mango down from a tall tree, it shows their love and care for one another.

At a kombit in Morn Michelle, the community gathered to plant the coffee seeds in the nursery. Everyone played a role in planting the seeds and laying in the tight rows inside the nursery. Starting with the the group that was opening the little plastic bags, which were then passed off to the team filling the bags with a soil mixture, each bag was then passed down a line of people wrapping into the nursery packing in the 4,000 coffee starters. As well as the women who cooked all morning to feed everyone when the work was done. When all the seeds had been planted the older people gathered under the tent to continue singing and drinking clarin, while the younger people cleaned up and prepared for lunch.


End of kombit singing. [photo: Mansell Ambrose]

Since every person works their way up the line of duties, they know how to teach those that follow them as well as respect the work that they do. Similarly, the young kids appreciate the hard work that they watch their elders put in and learn that if they work hard, they will earn their spot under the tent to sing and drink clarin.

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