Sewanee Students and Professors Prepare for Summer Research


fullsizerenderSix Sewanee students under the guidance of Haiti Institute in Sewanee professors Pradip Malde and Deborah McGrath are meeting regularly to prepare for their summer research jobs.

From left to right:

*Professor Malde

*Chris Hornsby (C’19)- Chris will be returning to Haiti for his second summer as an intern and will continue a survey of land management techniques, working with farmers to share the best practices for farming in rural and mountainous areas.

*Cal Oakley (C’19)- This is Cal’s first summer, he will be conducting surveys of bird species on the farms in Morne Michel and Bois Jolie and comparing bird populations in various density of trees.

*Virginia Klemens (C’19)- Virginia, along with Evans Ousley and Kate Perry will be conducting evaluation and data collection of a family security program in place with Partners in Agriculture. They will be using photography as part of the research project.

*Evans Ousley (C’18)

*Deborah McGrath (behind Evans Ousley)

*Kate Perry (C’17)

*Bre Ayala (C’17)- Bre will be identifying medicinal plants and their uses on the farms and on the land around the farms in the mountainous area.



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