The Interview

Today I was translating one of the transcribed interviews, done by Sadrack—our team’s friend and employee of CFFL—and was struck by a response given to a fairly straight-forward question.

I assume that there was a slight mistranslation between the question posed and the question that was understood, as the question we asked was “what challenges do you face with your housing?” and the answer had little to do with the woman’s house at all.

The woman’s response to this question was not about her house, but instead about her hopes.
A simplified version of her answer:
“I guess there were things I wanted to achieve, but I know there is no way…I have hope in the goats that were given to me, but if I had a real profession, I would be satisfied.”

Even in the range of areas we are visiting and the time we get to spend with some families, we do not typically get a glimpse into one’s aspirations. We probably don’t even think about them in our assessment work. But these hopes are there and they are vital.

Everyone we meet and work with has ambitions, regardless of their situation.
Our goals in becoming involved here and in any development program should be to encourage these aspirations and work towards the common goal of empowerment to make them realities.

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