Preparing for the End

Through Sickness and Health

This last week has been the last full week here at Haiti and has been slow for me personally, but readying for the last trip which I feel fully prepared for now. Sunday evening I became pretty sick with a gut infection and as such decided to not make the journey to Bois Jolis, after spending a day or two recovering back at Kalusa I returned with the group to work at Morne Mitchel. The hikes were extremely difficult, more than it had been before and I realized that a couple days of rest wasn’t quite cutting it. Friday I went to the local hospital in Mire Belay where I quickly received a doctors appointment and medicine that has quickly stifled my sickness over the last 2 days. Being sick for so long was discouraging because I couldn’t work, I love the work that we do here and feeling too bad to continue working is infuriating.

Now that I’ve recovered, tomorrow at 6am is the final work trek to Bois Jolis, where we are having a working day and meal together with all of the farming families that we have been building further relationships relationships. I am ecstatic that I’ll be able to attend the final ritual that is our trips to Bois Jolis are. Being so distressed at the thought of not being able to make the last trip made me realize how attached to this place I’ve become.

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