Tree Planting Verifications in Bois Jolie

Over the past week, we have been working to verify the planting of the trees distributed from the nursery in the past month. To date, we have visited 15 of the 33 families, and verified that the shade and coffee seedlings have indeed been planted correctly and well cared for. On Saturday, our 4 CFFL Zanmi Kafe students accompanied us to Bois Jolie to learn the methods of tree verification. After recently taking a GIS course at CFFL, the students were excited to apply their new knowledge in the field, asking the farmers about the planting and using the GPS units to track the land use change. While visiting a farm, Watson, a CFFL student asked, “Eske ou kapab fe yon fe lis pou nou?” I didn’t understand at first. After a short discussion and some charades, I finally understood what he was asking- Can you make a to do list for us? Watson, and the other students, were looking for method protocols in order to continue the verifications after the Sewanee students left. I, a to do list maker myself, was ecstatic to work with a student that was interested in continuing the project. It would be close to impossible for us Sewanee students to verify each farm in our short time here, but with the help of our Haitian counter parts, it looks like a promising possibility.

Saintillus Jean Phillipe(farmer), Saintillus Saintelien(farmer), Watson(CFFL student), Bosquet(agronomist) and I discuss methods of tree verification.

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