Zanmi Foto Team

The Zanmi Foto program is run by two CFFL graduates, Fontaine Thony and Joseph Monclair. They were involved in the Zanmi Foto training lead by Pradip Malde, Brook Irvine, and Chandler Sowden in 2014 and volunteered to continue working with the program as leaders. Thony volunteered to “continue to work together, for development.” And Monclair continued with the program because before ZF came, “I had to have my photo done at a studio. If I worked like a photographer, I would have more training about photography to make better photos.”

The Zanmi Foto team (from left to right): Pradip Malde, Joseph Monclair, Lucy Wimmer, Fontaine Thony. Photo by Pradip Malde

Through this program, they have learned how to make and understand photos, and the skills to teach photography to others. Thony and Monclair taught nine farming families in Bois Jolie how to use the camera and make photos. Now they lead weekly discussion with these families about the photos that the families take during the week. “Pradip taught us how we can use a camera to take a good picture and now Thony and I can say we are the two professors of Zanmi Foto,” Monclair said.

Along with learning photographic skills, and the skills to teach others, Thony and Monclair have a passion for photography and connections with people from other parts of the world because of the Zanmi Foto program. “Maybe in the future, Thony and I can travel the world to explain what Zanmi Foto is,” Monclair said. Thony said, “I can say, ‘I am a photographer,’ and share some of Haiti with people from another country. Zanmi Foto gives me a lot of empathy to understand [and work with] people who live far.”

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