Monthly Archives: June 2017

First Check-In

It has been almost 3 weeks since the Family Security Program (PSF) interns, I as one of them, landed in Haiti. In that time, our group of three has made big steps; first in the way of accomplishing what we set out to do, and second in the way of adjusting to our work and… more →

Running the Street

In an attempt to somewhat keep in shape for cross country season in the fall, I have ventured out to do a little running on the street near our house. The first thing to note when thinking about an American girl running on the Central Plateau is that this is not a tourist area, so… more →

Emerging from the Sewanee Fog

Reflecting on the events of the first week back in Haiti, several things have occurred to me, on which I wish to focus throughout the next few blog posts. I found the metaphor in the title to be perfectly fitting for this week, which was an acclimation full of surprisingly disorienting and difficult situations. The… more →