An Afternoon at the Nursery

Waiting for Shade Trees. Bois Joli. May 2014


This photograph was taken on the first day at the Bois Joli nursery, where shade trees were given the Zanmi Kafe farmers. There were mango trees, along with several other species, which will provide the cover necessary to sustain a successful coffee crop on the mountaintop.

Several farmers here are lined up waiting for their shade trees, while others wait their turn in the shade behind the nursery. The green book tucked under the man’s arm in the background is his personal Anquette, or the record book for his family’s farm. Each book keeps track of the family members, any livestock, and crops growing on their property.

An Anquette being Shared

An Anquette being Shared. Bois Joli. May 2014

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