While in Haiti I remember wondering every day how a place so impoverished could be on the same planet, surrounded by travel destinations, and just a two-hour plane ride from the USA. Most will be born there, live there and die there, never knowing anything else. Yet despite it all, they were happier than most people who live a comfortable life. Whereas we put a smile on for pictures, they laugh and smile all the time, but keep a serious face in pictures. Happiness is what keeps them going. Their happiness gave me hope for a better future.

One of the best experiences for me was working with the four CFFL students. They were so enthusiastic about working with us. Their enthusiasm allows me to know that this project will thrive. As we taught them how to use a butterfly net to sweep for butterflies, they quickly ran around trying to catch all the butterflies, laughing the whole time. When I asked them if it was fun they responded, “YES this is FUN!” As we showed them how to put traps in they carefully watched, taking pictures and asking questions. When we looked at insects under the microscope, they very carefully examined them, as they learned how to identify different species. Without their true excitement to learn and their dedication, our work would not have been the same and I am very thankful to the students for making it such a wonderful experience for us all.

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