Goats Are Everywhere

During my many hikes in Haiti, I was often amazed by the drastic contrast between the landscapes in the Central Plateau of Haiti and the Cumberland Plateau of America. There was one thing that always reminded me that these two places still have some similarities- the goats. During the Summer of 2014, I was fortunate to split my time between Haiti and Sewanee, with two internships both focused on sustainable agriculture. The goats at Sewanee University Farm are social, loving goats that demand attention and enjoy playing and cuddling. On the other hand, the goats in Haiti are a little different, the are not people loving goats. This summer, I took the responsibility to untangle every tied goat I passed on our hikes, resulting in a little bit of forced human love. Now, I find comfort in knowing that where ever I go, I will be able to find some goat friends. Goats are everywhere.

Billy Goat in Blanchard, Central Plateau, Haiti

Goat and two babies in Sewanee, TN

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