Spotted in Stores: Haitian Coffee

La Colombe Workshop HAITI: MARE BLANCE Coffee While perusing the selection of coffee offered at a Whole Foods in Washington, D.C., I stumbled upon a bag of single origin coffee from Mare Blanche, Haiti: Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.14.00 PM Roasted by La Colombe, the coffee is for sale in stores as well as online. The description online reads:

The United States and Haiti share a deep historical culinary bond – particularly in the south. We wanted to revive some of it.

From the highest altitudes of the Southeastern Haitian mountains, overlooking the village of Thiotte, this coffee is a testimony not only to the variety of Typica, but to the resilience of the Haitian farmer, an elegant coffee, unassuming and pleasant, the sort of “velvety smooth” coffee that still means something. A perfect example of what we mean by culinary coffee.

On the side, there is a column describing the coffee flavor profile and the roasters have also included several photographs from the village in Haiti.

Also listed is this link, which is the company’s archive of their relationship with and interest in Haitian coffee.

The link to the coffee can be found here

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