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Our Ant Success Story

The summer of 2014 was Scott’s and my time in Haiti and we came here charged with the mission of conducting a baseline biodiversity survey. We were on the search for four target organisms: Ants, Beetles, Birds, and Butterflies. The presence of these organisms indicates a healthy ecosystem. We read papers and came equipped with… more →


As the sun rises between the misty mountains, the rooster crows informing the town that it is time to awaken. Shortly after, you can hear the “swish, swish” of the broom sweeping the pavement. Before the sun has fully risen, the streets and markets are bustling with people and conversations. Mornings are my favorite time… more →

A mirror. A photo.

  Kinam Hotel, Pétion-Ville, Port Au Prince, Haiti. May, 2015. [photo: Pradip Malde]   What is the purpose of a mirror? Each person may define its purpose in a slightly different way. But many of us wake up each morning and one of the first things we do is look in the mirror. We use… more →

Year One Carbon Payments

Zanmi Kafe began in 2013 with the basis of the project being rooted in Payments for Ecosystem Services through carbon credits. One village, Bois Jolie, was chosen due to its ideal elevation for growing coffee. Professor Deborah McGrath began designing this agroforestry project to improve livelihoods and foster community and economic development in 2012, and… more →

Zanmi Kafe Update – February 2015

Zanmi Kafe- Sustainable Agroforestry and Payments for Ecosystem Services in Haiti Zanmi Kafe (Partners in Coffee) represents a collaborative effort between Sewanee, the NGOs Partners in Health and Partners in Agriculture, and farmers to establish diverse and more sustainable tree-based agroecosystems in the deforested central plateau region of Haiti through the reintroduction of shade-grown coffee.… more →


While in Haiti I remember wondering every day how a place so impoverished could be on the same planet, surrounded by travel destinations, and just a two-hour plane ride from the USA. Most will be born there, live there and die there, never knowing anything else. Yet despite it all, they were happier than most… more →

Week Four in Haiti

This week we will be wrapping up our fourth week in Haiti. It has been a very productive week for the biodiversity study as all trees have now been distributed. We started out the week with a trip to Bois Jolie to conduct a biodiversity study to understand the health of these farms. These studies… more →