Week Four in Haiti

This week we will be wrapping up our fourth week in Haiti. It has been a very productive week for the biodiversity study as all trees have now been distributed. We started out the week with a trip to Bois Jolie to conduct a biodiversity study to understand the health of these farms. These studies have so far been very important and have shown us that there is great potential for biodiversity increase with an increase in shade and coffee trees, as they hold the soil in place and provide nutrients and organic matter. This would make the land much more fertile and agriculturally productive. We also made a trip to Blanchard to continue conducting family socioeconomic surveys and examining the land for the potential of planting coffee trees there also. We wrapped up the week with another trip to Bois Jolie and we are currently in the process of identifying the insects we have collected. We will be working with our four agronomy students to identify the insects and continue teaching them in our methods. Yesterday one of the students had a great time sweeping for butterflies and we were able to see their excitement and dedication to this project. This dedication is crucial to the continuation of a successful project. We look forward to continue working with the students and the farmers, whose excitement when they received the trees make the two hour hike up the steep terrain worth every minute of it. We have learned a lot from Haiti and have grown as people and we look forward to continue learning and growing.

​Scott, Geanina, and Duncan after a day in Blanchard

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