Lafontant Archive Project


A photo of Cange, Haiti from the Lafontant Archive


A man grinding cornmeal: from the Lafontant Archive

While in Haiti, I have the exciting opportunity to learn about the history of the Central Plateau, focusing on Cange and the surrounding area. I’m doing this with the help of Père Lafontant, an Episcopal Priest who has dedicated much of his life to serving the area. He has seen incredible changes here over the years, and even more exciting, he has photographed them! I have been working to scan and digitally preserve his collection of hundreds of photographs, spanning the years. Père Lafontant has also sacrificed time to sit with me so and give me some of the details behind the photographs. I have loved listening to the wealth of stories he has seen and been a part of. I will spend much of the next few weeks continuing to work this exciting project!

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