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On Friday night we had a party, shindig, get together- whatever you would like to call it. Everyone invited the members on their different teams and jess invited many of her Haitian friends. Around 30 people showed up! At first it was a bit separated between the interns and the Haitians due to the language… more →

Plant Pro

My internship this summer consisted of traveling to different mountain towns (Bois Jolie and Morne Michele) and spending the night. While in these villages, we would hike to different households and ask to interview them for my survey. Most of the time they said yes without even knowing what my survey was about, which I… more →

Winding Down

I have 14 more days in Haiti. As our time and schedules are winding down, I have started to reflect on what I have learned in Haiti. I have been here for exactly one month and this week I began to feel more comfortable with my presence here. Being a white woman in Haiti brings… more →

Children of Haiti

Most of my favorite people that I meet in Haiti are children. One night during the first week that we were here, our group went to a shop owned by a man named Mikenson. Chris became friends with Mikenson last summer so we were welcomed with open arms. This shop serves drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic),… more →

Our Bois Jolie Premier

Our first day in Bois Jolie was a success. The hike up was tiring but the weather was amazing. It was not too sunny and there was a wonderful breeze through out the whole morning and early afternoon. Once we got past the dreaded part 1 of the hike (the hardest and steepest part) the… more →