On Friday night we had a party, shindig, get together- whatever you would like to call it. Everyone invited the members on their different teams and jess invited many of her Haitian friends. Around 30 people showed up! At first it was a bit separated between the interns and the Haitians due to the language barrier. Luckily, this did not last long. I ended up in playing game of casino (a common card game played here) with some members of my team and Chris. We played for a while, until, other guests wanting to use the area to dance interrupted us. At first the dancing was just the Haitians because the interns were a bit nervous. But soon our guests pulled us up one by one to start dancing and eventually everyone was dancing together. It was a really fun time filled with lots of laughter. Even one of our cooks, who is a take charge, usually stern woman, that you would never want to mess with began dancing! After a long time of dancing, food was presented around 11 o’clock. It was the biggest meal I have seen yet in Haiti- it was a feast to say the least. Everyone finally stopped dancing to eat. Then a lot of our guests vanished. I never even saw them leave. Jess informed me that this was common at Haitian parties that after food was eaten, people dispersed to go home. I thought that was really funny. I stayed outside for a bit longer but considering our usual bedtime here is usually around 9 and at this point it was 12:30, I was getting very sleepy. The festivities lasted for another hour, even though I was tucked into bed. I would say our Haitian-American party was a success. It was awesome to get to socialize with our coworkers outside of the work environment. I also loved getting to see how Haitians socialized and enjoyed being around each other. I have noticed that Haitians create laughter and a good time no matter what the situation is. They are constantly teasing each other in a loving way and enjoying each other’s company. Their love of laughter and enjoying every moment will be something I remember distinctly about Haiti and it’s people. I hope to embody some of that amazing quality after I leave Haiti.

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