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In May, the flamboyant or flame tree (Delonix regia) ignites the canopy surrounding the Peligre reservoir in Haiti’s Central Plateau. The reservoir itself is as controversial as it is beautiful. Dammed in the late 1950’s to provide electricity to Port au Prince, the Artibonite river valley was flooded, forcing families from fertile bottom lands farms… more →


Ben McKenzie and Pierre Wakenfort  assessing photosynthesis rates, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015. Zanmi Kafe interns Ben McKenzie and Pierre Wakenfort practice using the Licor 6400 to measure photosynthesis in a farmer’s field of corn and beans.  These sun-loving annual plants capture carbon at a rate of 20 umol/m2/sec in full sun!  The sophisticated 40-lb instrument… more →

Life and Death in Haiti

Today we hiked to Bois Jolie to begin distributing mango, sed and akajou seedlings (the first to come out of the 16,000 seedling nursery after sowing them 15 months ago). It was a joyful occasion; we were so happy to see our friends, the forty farmers, and the beautiful healthy seedlings. The day was made… more →