Life and Death in Haiti

Today we hiked to Bois Jolie to begin distributing mango, sed and akajou seedlings (the first to come out of the 16,000 seedling nursery after sowing them 15 months ago). It was a joyful occasion; we were so happy to see our friends, the forty farmers, and the beautiful healthy seedlings. The day was made most special by the excitement and pride on the farmers’ faces as they collected their seedlings.


A farmer collects his coffee plants and shade trees. [photo: Chandler Sowden]


Our exhilaration was tempered, however, on the 2.5 hour hike back when we came upon a woman, wailing by the side of the rocky road, her husband standing next to her looking stunned. On a sheet of plastic, wrapped in a blanket was their baby girl, dead. She had come down with a fever last night and it had taken too long to walk to the hospital.

This is Haiti, and these are the moments that humble us, and remind us to be grateful and mindful of what we have and what we share and to never forget that such disparities exist in our world.


On the road from Bois Jolie, walking away from a grieving family. [photo: Pradip Malde]

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