Zanmi Foto and Bois Jolie on May 30th


Aloce reviews camera usage with Mme Exana [photo: Brooke Irvine]


CFFL and Sewanee interns for Zanmi Foto 2014: Brooke Irvine, Monclair Joseph, Caroline Minchew, Aloce Louis, Thony Fontaine and Chandler Sowden [photo: Pradip Malde]

The Bois Joli trip on Thursday, May 30, overall went very well.

Lionel Jeremie (ZF family) met us with a mule at the base of the mountain, camera in hand. When he saw me, he excitedly handed it to me, wanting me to look at all pictures he had taken. There were a lot! Mme Exana met us outside her house also camera in hand. I was so glad to see them taking them with them.

When we arrived at the nursery, I gathered the four families by the stone wall at the top of the hill and did a quick introduction between the students and families, then just sat back and observed (as the CFFL Zanmi Foto interns took over).

CFFL interns Montclair and Aloce both jumped right in with their families. I think the way we assigned the families was perfect! Mme E needed a pretty detailed refresher course, and Aloce just sat patiently repeating everything with a smile. It was great! I talked to him afterwards and he said that he has actually volunteered at some sort of a literacy center for adults (not sure of the details on that) and that he understands that with older people sometimes you just need to repeat things in different ways.

Paulverel and Thony also engaged easily, but let the other two take the lead since  they’ll be working with families in Blanchard. P & T helped refresh Lionel’s memory on how to use the solar charger while Montclair was talking with Jean-Phillip. Montclair said afterwards that Jean-Phillip caught on to everything really quickly and that he thinks they will work well together.

We didn’t get to go to the families houses (except Mme E’s of course, since it is on the way out of Bois Jolie) as they were still doing tree distribution at the nursery. The families and students traded phone numbers and talked about directions to houses. The students told the families they would return on the 12th of June.

All told, the ZF families and students were together for over 45 minutes, half the time just hanging out and chatting. I think they all connected really well. The camera memory card trade went really smoothly, and no one seemed to have any big issue. ZK families were also still excited and on board.

The ZK students, along with the bug and bird interns, needed to leave the nursery to work on the biodiversity project, leaving Sega, Maxo and Boske to do the distribution themselves. After our ZF guys finished their meetings, they asked me if they could help. I said absolutely. It was so awesome to see them jump right into that too, making the work go much faster than it would have otherwise.

Overall, I was very impressed with the CFFL interns. They also seemed to connect with the CFFL ZK interns, which is great since they’ll be working in the same communities.

We we will be doing the first upload of photographs by the Bois Jolie families during our Wednesday afternoon meeting.

We had a lovely sunrise with mist covered mountains, and a wonderfully cool morning here is Cange. Hope all is well Stateside.

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