First Biodiversity Survey in Bois Jolie

At last, after countless hours of preparation and an innumerable amount of group meetings, we finally saw the fruits of our labor today. The Zanmi Kafe team, comprised of four Sewanee students and four Haitian CFFL students, began our day by visiting Madame Exana’s home in Bois Jolie to attempt our first full biodiversity survey. Working in two sub-groups, half of the team laid out insect traps in her garden while the others interviewed Madame Exana and verified the location of her newly planted coffee seedlings. The satisfaction of successfully applying of our methodologies in the field while working with these enthusiastic Haitian students undoubtedly augmented our Sewanee team’s motivation to continue our pursuit of research. Although a two-hour hike up a mountain can be quite daunting, the reward of seeing these coffee seedlings finally planted in the ground nurtures the hope needed to sustain this project in both Sewanee and CFFL students alike. It becomes so easy amidst our hectic daily routines in the United States to become stagnant and forget the troubles many people in rest of the world must constantly endure. ​​However, the genuine ecstasy upon Madame Exana’s face after receiving such a seemingly small gift of a few dozen plants provides the encouragement needed to break us away from our consumer-based lives and return us to this beautiful country.

​Scott, a Sewanee intern, as he trains a Haitian CFFL student on insect trapping methods.


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