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Camera Magic

  Children playing in the evening, Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] I used to think that there is magic in a camera. It took what I saw and reproduced it exactly. As I got older I learned the how of the camera and was shown it was not magic, but science. Thus… more →

Happy birthday Zanmi Foto!

  Today was my second trip up to Bois Jolie. Our goal for the day was first, to survive an extremely hot and humid hike, and after arriving, to meet with the two zanmi photo families that we had not had the chance to meet with last week. When meeting the families we planned to… more →


Hunter Swenson, coconut and Mansell Ambrose. Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015

Hunter Swenson, coconut and Mansell Ambrose. Bois Jolie, Haiti. May, 2015 [photo: Pradip Malde] Mansell photographs a freshly picked coconut served by Leonel Jeremie, one of our Zanmi Foto partners in the Bois Jolie area. Scattered around Hunter are the flowers of another type of palm tree loved by bees. Leonel also tends several hives.

Zanmi Foto Update

This past month, I along with several students and faculty from Sewanee had the opportunity to return to Bois Jolie and visit the homes of the four families in that village who have partnered with the Zanmi Foto project. It was a wonderful experience to be greeted as old friends and sit in the shade… more →

Lafontant Archive Project

While in Haiti, I have the exciting opportunity to learn about the history of the Central Plateau, focusing on Cange and the surrounding area. I’m doing this with the help of Père Lafontant, an Episcopal Priest who has dedicated much of his life to serving the area. He has seen incredible changes here over the… more →

Zanmi Foto in Blanchard

This last week, I accompanied students from CFFL, Zanmi Lasante’s partner school, to a small town on the edge of Lake Peligre called Blanchard. It was our second visit; the first was an effort to gauge interest among the Zanmi Kafe farmers in participating in Zanmi Foto.We returned to provide cameras and training to the… more →

Zanmi Foto and Bois Jolie on May 30th

Aloce reviews camera usage with Mme Exana [photo: Brooke Irvine] CFFL and Sewanee interns for Zanmi Foto 2014: Brooke Irvine, Monclair Joseph, Caroline Minchew, Aloce Louis, Thony Fontaine and Chandler Sowden [photo: Pradip Malde] The Bois Joli trip on Thursday, May 30, overall went very well. Lionel Jeremie (ZF family) met us with a mule at… more →

Zanmi Foto: First Photographs

Yesterday, the Zanmi Foto team looked on as the first four families in Bois Joli received their cameras. The moment was very exciting as the CFFL students explained first the basic operations of the cameras, how to charge the battery with a solar panel, and how to take a photograph.