Zanmi Kafe

Madame Josephine Exana

We are all deeply saddened by the news of Madame Exana having passed away on July 29, 2015. She was a very dear friend, and a founding partner of the Zanmi Kafe and Zanmi Foto projects. She will be missed, and always remembered. This is one of the last photographs I took of Madame Exana, as… more →

Our Ant Success Story

The summer of 2014 was Scott’s and my time in Haiti and we came here charged with the mission of conducting a baseline biodiversity survey. We were on the search for four target organisms: Ants, Beetles, Birds, and Butterflies. The presence of these organisms indicates a healthy ecosystem. We read papers and came equipped with… more →


The Fabled Li-Cor [photo: Mansell Ambrose] Exposure to new ideas and disciplines has been one of the profound joys of this internship. Not only have I had the opportunity to be immersed in a completely different culture and language, but I have been challenged in my own intellectual viewpoints. Coming into college I embodied the indecision… more →

Bye Bye

On Sunday at 5:30 AM the Zamni Kafe team left to return home. Each of their bags where filled with all their data and instruments they used while here. It was quite amazing how large and heavy the bag where. I have spent the last five weeks with those people, eating, sleeping and hanging out… more →


As the sun rises between the misty mountains, the rooster crows informing the town that it is time to awaken. Shortly after, you can hear the “swish, swish” of the broom sweeping the pavement. Before the sun has fully risen, the streets and markets are bustling with people and conversations. Mornings are my favorite time… more →


Effaizien Sorting Out Ants. Bois Jolie. 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] Scott Summer Holding Ant Collection Tubes. Bois Jolie, 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] In 1788 Haiti was responsible for half the worlds coffee supply. Yesterday at Bois Jolie, I spent the morning with the biodiversity team, one part of the Zamni Kafe team. It was extremely… more →

A mirror. A photo.

  Kinam Hotel, Pétion-Ville, Port Au Prince, Haiti. May, 2015. [photo: Pradip Malde]   What is the purpose of a mirror? Each person may define its purpose in a slightly different way. But many of us wake up each morning and one of the first things we do is look in the mirror. We use… more →