Learning together with CFFL students

ClassFord Rushton, Elizabeth Sega, Reginald, and CFFL students

The second week of our internship, Ford, Sega, and I were assigned the frightening task of teaching our first class!  Agronomist Reginald, is a professor from Zamni Agrikol and lives with us in the Clinique Externe at the Zamni Lasante hospital in Cange.  He asked us to give a 2-3 hour presentation to his class.  Reginald is a good friend of ours and helps us out a lot so we were eager to contribute to his class.  After running the idea by our adviser Dr McGrath, we began to buckle down and work on our presentation.

Throughout my college career I have never had to sit through a 3 hour lecture, so we were a little apprehensive about our chances of having a successful, comprehensible, and engaging lecture.  Additionally, the class was comprised of students our age who had worked with us previously in Bois Jolie over spring break.  Many of the students have become our friends.

Ford, Sega, and I somehow managed to squeeze into our presentation everything from the water cycle to the nitrogen cycle, mitosis to photosynthesis, and insect-plant mutualisms to defensive secondary compounds.  It felt as though we were essentially trying to fit everything we have learned from each of our respective majors into this 3-hour lecture.  It would have been easier to cut down the material, but Reginald requested that we include all of these concepts and we were happy to comply.

On Wednesday afternoon, June 5th, we gave our presentation.  Overall, the presentation went surprisingly well!  Reginald had to translate everything from English to Creole for his class, but overall we were very well received. We only had one small glitch during the presentation when the power went out briefly during our slide show.  But hey, this is Haiti and we have learned to become adaptable and creative. The students were very appreciative, kind and patient.  Personally, I feel as though the best part of the presentation was receiving the opportunity to further our relations with Zamni Agrikol and get to spend time with our friends as well as make a few new ones.

Ecce Quam Bonum!


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