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I have learned a thing or two about mangos as I have been around them all day, almost everyday since I arrived. First, I have learned a few different kinds of mangos and how you eat different kinds in different ways. For most mangos, like fransic and blancs, you can peel the skin off and… more →

Learning together with CFFL students

Ford Rushton, Elizabeth Sega, Reginald, and CFFL students The second week of our internship, Ford, Sega, and I were assigned the frightening task of teaching our first class!  Agronomist Reginald, is a professor from Zamni Agrikol and lives with us in the Clinique Externe at the Zamni Lasante hospital in Cange.  He asked us to… more →

Wisdom from Haiti

Lessons learned by 2013 Sewanee interns in Haiti: 1) As soon as you make plans they are almost guaranteed to change 2) Hurry up and wait is the norm, you need to learn to relax and be open to not getting everything done when, where, or how you may want it to 3) While in… more →

Intro Summer 2013 Interns

Linnea Carver, Ecology and Biodiversity (C’14) I began my involvement with Pwoje Zanmi Kafe and the Sewanee Haiti Institute while taking Dr McGrath’s human health and the environment class.  She encouraged me to participate in the spring break outreach trip that Sewanee runs every year in Haiti.  Ever since my first trip with Keri Bryan… more →

Intro Summer 2013 Interns

Ford Rushton, Natural Resources (C’14) After a nice talk with Mr. Dixon Myers, I decided to go on the Spring Break Outreach to Haiti to gain some hands on medical experience. At one of the meetings for the outreach trip I met a spritely professor named Dr. McGrath. A little encouragement from McGrath convinced me… more →

Intro to Summer 2013 Interns

Elizabeth Sega, Biology (C’14) I learned about the Pwoje Zamni Kafe with the Sewanee Haiti Institute during a Green Convene meeting last fall when Keri and Dr. McGrath presented the beginning stages of the PES project. Dr. McGrath then encouraged me to sign up for the Haiti Spring Break Outreach trip and for her class,… more →