Intro Summer 2013 Interns


Ford Rushton, Natural Resources (C’14)

After a nice talk with Mr. Dixon Myers, I decided to go on the Spring Break Outreach to Haiti to gain some hands on medical experience. At one of the meetings for the outreach trip I met a spritely professor named Dr. McGrath. A little encouragement from McGrath convinced me to join with the environmental portion of the Haiti outreach trip instead of the medical group was my original plan.Without fully knowing what I was about to get myself into, I had my first introduction with Haiti over this 10 day spring break outreach trip.

While in Haiti, I noticed the poverty and the degraded environment that stretched to the horizon. I have come to realize that there is a hidden beauty in Haiti. This beauty may take time to see, but it is fully evident in the personalities of the Haitian people. Even though I have thrown myself into a country that is largely dissimilar to my home, I have felt comfortable from day one. This comforting feeling is why I came back to Haiti for five weeks this summer. Even though I want to be a doctor in the future, I still believe, with the help of Dr. McGrath, that a healthy environment is key to a healthy human. So even though I am not directly learning about how to be a doctor, I am broadening my knowledge on how to cure humans in a sustainable way through this environmental internship.

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