Intro to Summer 2013 Interns


Elizabeth Sega, Biology (C’14)

I learned about the Pwoje Zamni Kafe with the Sewanee Haiti Institute during a Green Convene meeting last fall when Keri and Dr. McGrath presented the beginning stages of the PES project. Dr. McGrath then encouraged me to sign up for the Haiti Spring Break Outreach trip and for her class, Human Health and the Environment. During spring break, I came with a group of 12 students to begin the pepinyè (tree nursery) and enkets (interview and land survey). I returned this summer for a 5-week internship with Ford and Linnea. Here in Haiti, especially in Bois Jolie, many farmers think of me as the blan fou (crazy white) because I love to pet all of the roaming farm animals, especially the kabrit (goat) and milèt (mules). Mèsi pou lekti! (Thank you for reading!)

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